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Pricing as low as $450/mo

Fixed Pricing. No Surprises.

No Big Investments

Get started without a large capital investment.

More ‘Up Time’

Our Guarantee: Quality fountains maintained for best performance. 

Classic Pattern
Trumpet Pattern
Crown & Trumpet Pattern

Experience True Freedom from Fountain Worries!

If your fountain is ever down for more than five days in a row, there is no monthly fee!*
Experience the True Freedom that comes with enjoying your fountain.

What's Included?

Choose your own spray pattern

 Your choice of pattern dimension

LED lights for nighttime fountain illumination

Our Guarantee: If your fountain is down more than 5 days in a row, you don’t pay for that month’s service!

Each Fountain Freedom™ Package is Customized to Your Needs!

  • Various motor sizes available to fit your needs
  • Choice of spray pattern & lights
  • Multiple fountains to create desired look

Pricing may vary due to necessary hardware, cabling, electrical panels, etc. Contact us today for a quote!

Does Managing Your Water Stress You Out?

We Can Help!

Bundle option for a monthly subscription to manage surface water stressors such as algae, vegetation, aeration, and even trash pick up.

At a fixed cost, you enjoy your lake or pond, while we carry the risk and responsibility for proper management.

Never be stressed over something meant to bring joy again!

Fountain Freedom is family-owned and operated and specialize in all areas of water resource engineering, management, and consulting in the south central U.S. Please see our website to learn more about who we are and what we do. This is our passion!

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* – subject to certain exclusions due to external factors